Friday, September 12, 2008

Alternative to Underground Cash Secret

I noticed many visitors coming to my site to read the honest reviews on Underground Cash Secret...and if that is not reliable, what should be the alternative?

Then it crossed my mind...there is another site that offers almost similar option to Underground Cash Secret, but it is far cheaper, you get more websites every month, you can leverage your business on different niches, and the most important, you get to built your list at the same time.

I had used this service months ago, did not realise that not many people were aware of this service.

Its called One Minute Site... and it literally takes only 1 minute to set up..

Well, of course if its your first time, you may take longer. or if you have a pathetically slow internet will take more than 1 minute.

But after a couple of times, you'll get used to it and you'll have your site up real fast.

And the great thing about it is you dont need to pay for domain and hosting.

You can choose to buy your own domain name, but hosting is provided for free.

Even autoresponder can be signed up for free if you are on really tight budget.

The whole process is fully automated. Once your 1 minute site is up...all you need to do is just do a little bit of promotion to bring in the initial traffic..

When people come to your site, they will need to sign up with their name n email address, and they will receive the free reports automatically.

You in return get their email adds for your future marketing efforts.

And the best thing, they now have a 1 cent trial on One Minute Site... honestly..what have you got to lose just by trying it out..