Saturday, July 12, 2008

Underground Cash Secret - Independent Review

I was just checking out the Underground Cash Secret referred to by Rob Benwell from Blogging to the Bank.

The Underground Cash Secret website was very tempting...I was having my lunch whilst reading the sales letter.
I was so tempted to buy it though somehow from the earning screenshot shown, I know it must be some product on making money from clickbank.

Anyway..somehow part of me thought..perhaps I should do a google search to find out whether is this product for real or not.
Maybe God was trying to protect me..coz sure enough, I stumbled upon several complaints about Underground Cash Secret on the first page of Google Search...

First complaint was on
Underground cash secret RIPPED US OFF! Scam!!!
" Everything on the website is a lie, even the IM which is NOT a real person. We had to pay $120 for the website, $40 for search engine submission, and now someone has been calling my husband every single day telling him we need to invest TEN THOUSAND dollars with them, for " support and coaching"! We have not made a cent."

Then I came across another blog that was doing a review of ebooks.
Someone posted a comments as follows:
"This is definitely a scam! We signed up, unfortunately and are now out about $200. The website says it's $49 and the website is free, but when you sign up, they demand $110 for the website and then tell you you need to spend $39 to have it added to search engines.THEN they started calling my husband and telling him he needs to invest $4,000 to preferably $10,000!!! My husband said no. There is no address or phone number or email to contact them. the money back guarantee only applies to the $49, the website expenses are non-refundable. Do a whois search and you will find this new ( 7/07) scam is owned by, which is a website reseller.This is a 100% scam!"

Then..when I clicked on the 2nd page of the google search...more complaints and bad reviews could be seen..

Hmm...hope nobody else get conned..
In this world today with the rising fuel prices and food prices...every penny saved is a blessing