Monday, May 26, 2008

Want free bonus worth USD$67?

Want free mystery bonus worth USD$67? Grab your tickets fo Life Changing Party here

In conjunction of my belated birthday, I'm giving away a free mystery bonus worth USD$67 if you buy the Life Changing Party ticket from this link here
(I will personally deliver your free bonus to you when I receive the notice of your purchase from the organizers)

You should grab your tickets early, as the early bird bonus reduces each week. If you sign up a week later from now…your LCP dollars will reduce by 2 million.
And believe me…the more LCP dollars u have, the more you can reap out from the party.

Hurry and Grab your tickets for Life Changing Party now! (coz this bonus offer is limited to the first 29 persons only)

Info on the Life Changing Party :

The Life Changing Party , first held in 1985 in the Unites States, has been brought to Malaysia and Asia for the very first time!

It will be held at the world-class MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur on the 7 June 2008 from 6pm – 12 midnight.

Not only will the Life Changing Party be an extremely unusual, yet exhilarating, experience, it will also help you change your life – for the better.
The Life Changing Party employs the use of the Power of Visualization and the Law of Attraction, two concepts to get the most out of your life that captured the world's imagination when they were revealed in the 2006 movie/documentary "
The Secret".

You now have the chance to walk the red carpet and have "screaming fans" and "paparazzi" call out your name – all for the cost of a ticket that also includes a sumptuous buffet dinner and bag of goodies worth hundreds of dollars!

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity now and sign up today! Limited seats are available so remember to register early.

There's no other party like this one! (If you sign up now, there's an early bird promo going on)

Sign up now at the official website here

Life Changing Party