Thursday, March 29, 2007

How to withdraw paypal money into Malaysian bank account?

How to withdraw Paypal money into Malaysian Bank account??
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This question had bugged me for months..I had money stuck in paypal for years..but since last few months when i started to get serious in online business..the income has increased considerably..
So, I've spent months checking out forums and contacting banks to get more info on how to withdraw my money from paypal into my bank account..comparing the cost..almost tempted to go over to Singapore to open a bank account there..

Also..Since I rarely buy things on the net (apart from air tickets and hotel bookings) using money in Paypal ..the money is just stuck there for years..til I found the answers to my question in this ebook...MalaysiaPal - Paypal Alternative in Malaysia.

At first i wasnt interested to purchase it..coz i already got the previous edition for free..however, the bonuses inside attracted me to it..and its so cheap..USD3..
So, yesterday..I decided to skip lunch break and stayed at my table reading the ebook i just bought.
Its definitely worth the read...quick and simple to understand..

Now with the alternative methods..I can save my flight/bus ticket cost and just apply the techniques taught in the MalaysiaPal - Paypal Alternative in Malaysia.

So..what's in this ebook..
Basically u'll get free ebook on :
1. How To Get Your Debit Card
2. Open Up Your PayPal Account
3. Verify Your PayPal Account
4. 3 Simple Techniques To Generate Money to Your PayPal

Also there's 3 alternatives outlined and step by step guide on how to withdraw tour paypal funds..
but what i like best is the bonus that comes along with it..
the Malaysiapal Millionaire Estimator... can get both the Malay and English version in the package..
Best of all...its super cheap..only USD3 via Paypal (or RM10 if you pay via fund transfer)
Since i've already started earning some income into my paypal account..then the
MalaysiaPal - Paypal Alternative in Malaysia. is definitely the answer to what i had been looking for in a long time.