Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Adwords Definitive Guide

I was googling on google today, and found this review on Godefy regarding Perry M's Adwords Definitive Guide

The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords is a course on how to get more visitors, at minimal cost, by advertising and optimizing Google AdWords pay per click ad campaigns. A fast-start guide gives a blow-by-blow example of setting up a real Google AdWords campaign for a real company, and how to consistently buy clicks for only 5-10 cents on Google.

The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords includes 40 specific examples and case studies, including ads, the keywords, bid prices and bottom-line numbers from real companies in ten different industries, including information technology and computers, consumer products, affiliate programs, health care, and books, videos and seminars. You'll also get screen shots of actual Google campaigns, so you get an insider's view of how it really works. You see how their campaigns developed over time, what worked, what didn't work and why.

The Definitive Guide To Google AdWords comes in three versions:
-> Digital Basic includes instant download in Adobe Acrobat PDF, with 40+ case studies from 10 different industries, real screen shots and Q&A on dozens of topics.
-> Expanded Version with Bonus Audio Seminars includes the full course in PDF, uncut MP3 audio recording of the killer Internet Traffic Stampede teleseminar on Google Adwords, Advanced Strategies for Making Your Website Pay, Jet Fuel for Google Cash, and The Definitive Video Guide to Google AdWords.
-> Deluxe, Hard Copy shipped to you with Teleconference Coaching includes the same content as Enhanced version, plus the complete manual and 7 audio CD's via US Mail, access to a minimum of three monthly coaching calls in small-group session with Perry Marshall. Bonus audio: "Advanced Strategies for making your website pay" with Ken McCarthy and Perry's "How to Profit with Google AdWords" Teleclinic with marketing coach Jonathan Mizel on CD. Includes "Jet Fuel for Google Cash" and "The Definitive Video Guide to Google AdWords".

== > It's simply amazing watching my Click Thru Rate go from 0.3% up to 48.0% in less than 30 minutes. The most important part is, I am beating the competition in cost and better yet finding areas of "no competition". Thanks for such awesome marketing advice, your material is by far the most valuable e-book I have purchased. Your concepts are working for me, and I intend on running this as a service for alot of my web hosting clientel. - John Finney, Host4net.

==> I bought your Google AdWords course and had many Google clicks heading my way a week later. It looks like I should make about a 20 to 25X return on Google campaigns. -Rob Northrup, Co-Founder, Advanced Extrusion Solutions, Norcross, GA.

==> I never thought I'd catch myself writing a testimonial for something I purchased on the internet. Up until a few days ago before I purchased the program, I was averaging about 50 clicks a day, paying at least 25 cents each for them. I was lucky to see my ads on the second page and to pay more for clicks was simply out of the question. But after implementing your strategies: 402 Clicks, average CPC of 14 cents, average position of 3.3 with my ads. My traffic is much more targeted so my conversion rate almost doubled. I don't think my first impression of Santa Claus was this good! You've obviously helped me blow the competition away. - Michael Mettie, Simple Streams, The Colony, TX.

I've heard rave reviews of this from many others. So i reckon this is indeed a great buy for everyone trying to avoid losing tons of money from advertising google adwords. For the newbies venturing in internet marketing.. this Definitive Adwords guide is a must!